Leo F. Lee

President, Broker, Contractor

2000 – Today     Broker, Owner, General Contractor of Leland Homes, Inc., a full service real estate company. My range of real estate experience over 37 years is unique and valuable (see below). An experienced guide can save you time, money, and reduce stress. Instead of learning from your mistakes, let me help you to avoid them. In 2009, after numerous customer requests, we started providing General Contracting services for Home Improvements and General Construction. Our crews are personable craftsman with many years new construction and home improvement experience.

1993 – 2013     Emery Consulting, Inc. a family owned business that provided education, training, technology, management consulting, and other people related services. 

1992 – 1999     I provided Independent Contractor Management Services to Century 21 Launders & Assocs., Inc. I was hired to increase sales. In 1992 they had five offices and about 180 associates. By 1997, annual sales volume had increased 130% over 1992 volume with about the same number of associates. The company was recognized by Century 21 International as the 10th most productive in unit sales nationally. I also consulted with Snavely Building Company for the Design and Marketing of Condominium Home Projects. During this time I traveled nationally as a public speaker. I also consulted other real estate companies on subjects from training to mergers and acquisitions. 

1989 – 1992     Broker/Owner of Real Estate Partners.

1978 – 1988    In 1978 I moved to a smaller company named Hilltop Realty, Inc. The company became Realty One. 1979 I became Director of Training. I was responsible for developing, presenting, and directing all the company’s training efforts. I gave numerous classes to thousands of associates, managers, and brokers in Greater Cleveland and around the country. Some of the programs I have developed and presented are: Business Planning, Time Management, Computerization, Communication Skills, Financing, Sales and Marketing, Working with Clients and Customers, Handling Indecision, Negotiating Contracts, Leadership Skills, Office Management, Performance Evaluations, Recruiting, Retention, Training, Personal Referral Systems, Policies & Procedures, Risk Reduction, Equal Opportunity in Housing, Ethics, Agency, Antitrust, and more. In 1985 I was promoted to the position of Eastern Region General Manager of 14 Branch offices. In 1988 I was promoted to General Manager for Realty One. I became directly responsible for one of the largest real estate companies in the United States. In that position I managed day-to-day operations and helped to established goals, budgets, and business systems for 38 branch offices, the new homes department, and the training department. There were approximately 1400 sales associates and 400 employees at the time. Our annual sales volume was in the billions of dollars. I also traveled nationally as a public speaker. That said, I had always wanted to be in business for myself. I decided it was time to leave the company to operate my own businesses and investments.

1977    I began my career as a sales associate with the Smythe Cramer Company.


Experience Makes A Big Difference!