Construction FAQs

What makes you different from other Builders and General Contractors?
They are lots of good contractors. That said, how many of them will agree to give you their discounted prices for all materials and labor, if any, and provide you with invoices and receipts for all aspects of the job. We do.

How can one contractor/builder make home improvements for so much less than everyone else I interviewed.
They can’t without short cutting something somewhere. First make sure you are comparing apple with apples and that something wasn’t modified or left off the list.  When I say apples to apples be specific. Jonathan Apples to Jonathan Apples not some other variety.

How and when are the various Trades paid?
Ask the Builder/Contractor how they handle this issue. If the trades are not paid in a timely fashion they do not show up to finish the work. If they are not paid they can put liens on your property.

I have a rough drawing of what I want “what do you think it will cost?”
How rough is your drawing? The details make the difference.

Can I do the plumbing, electrical and drywall over the weekends when your team is away from the job?

None of these questions can be answered sufficiently in a couple of lines. Contact me and we will sit down and discuss them. You will appreciate our knowledge, experience, and philosophies on these matters.

Residential Construction requires a builder/general contractor that listens. They need to be well organized, patient, reasonable, creative, and responsible. They get paid to think and keep things running as smoothly as possible. 

Experience Makes A Big Difference!