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Leo is a Trusted Advisor – Cleveland Heights

“Leo is a trusted advisor.  He is detail oriented and thorough in his explanations of all the various processes involved with buying and/or selling houses.  You would be hard-pressed to find someone more knowledgable than Leo in the real estate business.

Leo sold us our first home in 2005 and helped us sell it in 2013 and buy our new home in 2013.  We loved our first home and also love our current home.  Our experiences with Leo have been very positive over the past 8 years and we highly recommend his services to anyone buying or selling their home.”

Jay and Julie

Classic Nostalgic Comfort is Back. About time isn’t it?

The New Old Style of home is in the news. It is about time. We have been telling people this would happen for over 25 years. I am thrilled because this type of work is what we enjoy most and we are good at it too. Read the Article from the Wall Street Journal.

It is a trend and it’s more than just about homes. People are worn-out with the BIG BOX lifestyle we have been sold. We want more High-Touch to go with all the High-Tech around us.

We know how to improve the Classic Comfort Home of years gone by into the Classic Comfort Home of Today. Or we can build you a new one.  It will not cost $500-$600 a square foot like the WSJ article states either. A splash of imagination and creativity can save you thousands. Interested? Let’s talk.


Happy Home Buyer – Mentor

“A dear friend of mine had recommended a REALTOR, Leo Lee, from Leland Homes to me. She said that if anyone could help me buy a house he would be able too.

I was very hesitant to call Leo. I was divorced with a small down payment, tight budget to work with and a specific location of where I wanted to live.

I did meet with Leo and very shortly after our meeting I was pre-approved to buy.

Leo truly listened to me of what I need and want in a house. He is a gentleman with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Leo provided me with such good care, guidance and understanding. As in all house hunting there are ups and downs but I had such great trust in Leo that I was so comfortable through it all.

Three months after my first meeting with Leo I found my house. For me it is really a dream come true. I could not imagine going through this process with out Leo guiding me step by step. I have much gratitude and appreciation for Leo.”


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill