VERY INDUSTRY FARM HOSUE STYLE. Notice the Walnut Mantle, Walnut Butcher Block Countertop, pot filler, overhead lights, handcrafted barn door, custom made cabinets, concrete countertops, and new tile floor.

Leo as Our Guide – Pepper Pike

“I never liked to cook. It could have been my kitchen.

Thanks to Leo and his equally talented, insightful, creative and pleasant crew, we want to spend every minute in our kitchen. Leo helped us integrate our design ideas into the heading of farmhouse industrial. With Leo as our guide and farmhouse industrial as our mantra, our kitchen quickly came together. We had some wacky ideas, and Leo not only listened to them, he made them happen. Whether it was using salvage pieces for ceiling fixture parts, up-cycling wrought iron table legs turned corbels, picking through reclaimed Cleveland brick to create a wall, or building our butcher block countertop from scratch, it was an amazingly fun and rewarding journey. Leo was so thoughtful every step of the way. Forever conscious of budget, timelines and attention to detail, sometimes it felt like he was the homeowner. Now our kitchen is finished, and while I’m in there so much, I actually do like to cook.”

Kevin & Annie
Pepper Pike

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