Front Entrance

I Was Astonished – Shaker Square

“I live in a great condominium apartment near Shaker Square.  That said, every day I was faced with addressing shredding and increasingly dirty carpet throughout the apartment. It was cheap to begin with and worn down to the cement base near the front door. I just did not have the time or energy to change it before I moved in.

Going forward, the goal was to at least address the front entrance hallway by installing a new hardwood floor. I really wanted to do the main living areas as well but it all seemed too overwhelming. I could not face the prospect of moving all my furniture along with thousands of  books, shelving, art work, antiques and collectibles.

But I had to do something. So I called Leo at Leland Homes. I knew him from previous experiences in buying and selling properties. He prides himself on absolute integrity and skilled workmanship.

He convinced me that his team could move every piece of bulky and heavy furniture, every book, every piece of china even including each crystal glass from the inside of an antique corner cupboard. He said they would put them back exactly where they were before.

They installed beautiful new custom made Beech hardwood flooring everywhere I requested with precision and in less than a week. I was astonished. And now I have what looks like a new and much brighter apartment.

P.S. Not one wineglass, vase, china dish, or glass table was broken. “