Classic Nostalgic Comfort is Back. About time isn’t it?

The New Old Style of home is in the news. It is about time. We have been telling people this would happen for over 25 years. I am thrilled because this type of work is what we enjoy most and we are good at it too. Read the Article from the Wall Street Journal.

It is a trend and it’s more than just about homes. People are worn-out with the BIG BOX lifestyle we have been sold. We want more High-Touch to go with all the High-Tech around us.

We know how to improve the Classic Comfort Home of years gone by into the Classic Comfort Home of Today. Or we can build you a new one.  It will not cost $500-$600 a square foot like the WSJ article states either. A splash of imagination and creativity can save you thousands. Interested? Let’s talk.